Closed Loop Automation

Network automation is a strategic priority for enterprises and Telcos alike. Symphony suite of products provide closed loop automation from deployment (Day Zero, One) to Operations (Day 2 — Continuous Configuration/Service Monitoring and auto-correction) to Visualization (communication with performance and security solutions to identify root causes and create configuration that is required to fix the problem). With Open APIs and Micro Services Symphony easily integrates with other systems. Symphony products provide end to end configuration and provisioning of all infrastructure devices and collect and export streaming telemetry from the devices.


Telco/SP Automation

Nuviso Symphony solutions provide full automation of managed services for Telco – Enterprise Connectivity. This will enable Telco to reduce configuration errors and faster service provisioning, and easier OSS integration. In addition Symphony Suite provides on demand branch connectivity.

Smart Branch Automation

Nuviso Symphony provides SDWAN controller for universal CPE thus removing the vendor lock-in and making branch deployments faster. This will enable Service Providers/Telcos to extend their orchestration reach into customer premises using dynamically programmable/extendable CPE devices.

This will also facilitates service provider offer virtualized services at customer premises using a distributed NFV model, extending as a multi-vendor SDWAN.

Data Center Automation

Nuviso Symphony Suite enables automation of hybrid use cases involving Service Provider core and Data Center networks.  Increasingly, Service Providers are deploying centralised and/or edge Data Centers from where they can sell slices to small and medium enterprises that cannot maintain their dedicated data-centers.  Such scenarios make a lot of sense for the SME customers in terms of availing pay-as-you-grow type of Data Center Services, in terms of either rack space, raw computing slices, or more advanced services such as virtual slice of a firewall or a load-balancer service.

Automating and orchestrating such use cases involve multiple touch points, such as:

  1. Provisioning the customer premises router (CPE) for reachability information about new services availed by the small enterprises
  2. Provisioning the SP’s Provider Edge router for enabling new data flows from customer premises
  3. Provisioning virtual slice in the edge data-center, in terms of compute slide provisioning, or tenant flows provisioning in a shared VNF service, like firewall-as-a-service
  4. Tying it all end2end by provisioning paths in the SP core network to connect the campus with the data-center

Use cases as above will need the orchestration system to have ability to provision MPLS paths in the SP core, route insertions at CPE, slice creations in data-center, as well as VNF policy provisioning in terms of firewall or loadbalancer rules. Nuviso’s Symphony Suite has the unique ability to orchestrate these varied type of workflows across different network functions, to stitch end2end services spanning across multiple domains

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